Experience Matters

Does your business have the resources necessary to evaluate and successfully achieve your organization’s strategic and financial objectives?  At Franklin Place Capital, we’ve been in your shoes before. Our professionals draw on their deep operating experience in privately-held industries to bring a more informed and successful investment banking approach to our clients.

Franklin Place Capital is a Milwaukee-based consulting & advisory firm that specializes in transaction advisory (M&A), and capital raising services.  With a client-centered and process-driven approach to privately-held businesses, we offer a complete advisory solution to a broad range of industries.  Whether you’re looking to sell your company, need to recapitalize your business, or would like to grow your enterprise through an acquisition - Franklin Place Capital has the tools and experience to bring you the “right solution" to get your deal done.

 Milwaukee M&A and Investment Banking Consultants.

As one of Milwaukee's premiere investment banks serving the midwest, Franklin Place Capital brings decades of experience to each client assignment.  We provide a combination of investment banking, financial services, ownership, and privately-held business backgrounds, in a variety of industries, to each client engagement.  Our approach is uniquely tailored to each of our clients, providing a proven skill-set of research, planning and creativity to each transaction followed by a methodical process-driven approach to achieve successful results.  Experience and resourcefulness are the cornerstones of our business practice. 


At Franklin Place Capital, we utilize our experience, relationships and the latest financial data to gauge the marketplace and potential value for privately-held businesses. With 100's of completed transactions, our team has the insight into market based valuation and can provide the guidance necessary to successfully sell your business.

Steve's Corner - 2018 is an opportune time for sellers:

Robust valuations - Average middle market U.S. based mergers and acquisitions price to earnings multiples remain stretched above long term averages.

Un-deployed cash on balance sheets - Nearly $3 trillion of unused cash sits with equity funds and U.S. corporations. 

Rising interest rates - The threat of rising rates traditionally act as an incentive to buy now or invest elsewhere as debt financing becomes more expensive. 

More favorable tax environment - Non-corporate businesses can now deduct 20% of their business income and 100% of depreciable tangible assets. This depreciation deduction can be especially useful for businesses investing in machinery and equipment.  Modestly lower tax-rates to individuals have also been enacted in 2018.